• Born in 1992, June 29th

Afnan Rauf is a contemporary representational artist/Painter located in New York City. His style of work is simplified Realism. Where he summarizes his subject to the point necessary by discarding the unnecessary details. He uses photography as means of reference. Using color and values, his primary focus with every painting is to create a certain mood of the overall scene. By changing colors and values with computer softwares to enhance the reference.

Also inspired by the impressionistic movement, Afnan Rauf creates illusions of reality which break apart as one gets closer to his work.

"To me there is nothing quite like the excitement of creating a painting or a sketch. Spending years figuring out what the great masters did made me a problem solver. Instead of "copying" the subject I translate it into my own words by compressing all the unnecessary information. To me quality matters more than anything. Artists emphasize on the details when actually we don’t see the world like that. I think that we see things differently then a camera. When you're looking at someone you are talking to, you hardly focus on a single feature. Instead you are looking at their face as a whole. So we don't really focus that much. We see things as a whole which automatically eliminates all the details making things softer.

My work isn't about the model or the subject. Every painting is about what I am going through. Every painting is a self portrait. Right now perception is a big subject for me in my work.


I believe every artist has there own philosophy on the "how" of painting or drawing. To me, there is perfection even in the imperfections. They say there are no rules in painting/drawing. I think they say that because there are so many that you can't fix on a few. My method of painting and drawing is mainly based on my instinct. I don’t think about color, values or edges when I am painting. It happens and I let it happen.”